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How to use this site

How to use the Driving with Dogs site

There are three main parts:

On the journey

  • Walks within 5 miles of UK motorway exits for you and your dog
  • Pubs and cafes at the beginning of the walks - all dog-friendly
  • There's also info about wheelchair accessability, children's activities, and whether it's easy to park a campervan - including height restrictions

When you've arrived

  • UK beaches where dogs are allowed
  • Pubs in the UK where dogs are welcome
  • Dog-friendly accommodation (dog-friendly cottages, hotels, B&Bs and campsites)


At home, or on holiday

  • Great places to walk your dog
  • Services for dogs and their owners (groomers, dog walkers and sitters, training classes...)

For all holiday and services info, click ‘Walks & More’ on the green bar at the top of the page, then choose - say, pubs - and then select a region from the map.

Scroll down a bit, and there will be a map of all the dog-friendly pubs. To get a list of where the pubs are, click on full view' and this will give you pictures and descriptions of the pubs in your chosen region. 

If you want to see if there are dog walks, or holiday accommodation, or beaches, near your chosen pub - stay on the page and just click 'walks' or 'accommodation' or 'beaches' in the boxes just under the 'Search DwD' box and the map or list will refresh with the extra info there for you to use.


Motorway walks (premium members)

Click on the motorway you'll be travelling on, and you'll see the junctions in numerical order.

You’ll then be able to see pictures of all the walks on that motorway and choose places to stop that you like the look of.

If it’s important to you that the walk is suitable for buggies, or you’re looking for a country pub for lunch, or you need to know whether you can park a campervan – then click on ‘quick view’. Here you can see at a glance which of the walks meets your needs.

If you’re not sure of your route, click ‘map view’ and this gives you a map of the motorway with all the walks’ locations marked on it. Click on one of the markers to get a picture of the walk and more details.

Beaches for dogs

When you click on Beaches you’ll see photos of many of the beaches, and also basic information about the facilities at the beach. You also get directions to the beach.

The Beaches information comes from you! If you've been to a dog-friendly beach why not let everyone else know?

Things change quickly, so when you've visited a beach do give it - or the facilities - a rating or comment.

Pubs for people and dogs

When you click on Pubs, don't forget to select your region - the number of pubs is growing rapidly, and you don't want to wait ages for the map to appear.

Each pub has its picture, and as well as information about the dog rules, the beer, the menu and opening hours, there's usually a link to the pub's own website so you can get a good idea of the style and atmosphere.

The pubs' information comes from you! If you've been to a dog-friendly pub why not let everyone else know?

And if you're the publican - it's free to add your dog-friendly pub to the site - so don't be shy!!

Things change quickly, so when you've visited a pub do give it a rating or comment.

Dog Walks

This is a world map where dog walkers all over the world can add their walking places and find out about new walks too.

When you open the page you will see a map of your own country. If you’re going to a dog show abroad,  just pull the map around using the arrow controls on the map until you get to the country you want.

New walks are being added all the time, so if you’re going to a new area on holiday, or moving house and you don’t see any walks the first time you look – keep checking back!

When you contribute a walk, this is the section it goes into. So if your part of the world is looking a bit gloomy for dogs - why not add your local walk place?

Pets welcome accommodation

Find the perfect holiday for you and the pooch by selecting your region - and then use the map view to find out which cottages and hotels are next to dog friendly beaches, and where the local dog walks are. Doggy holiday planning just couldn't be easier than this!


With nearly 200 walks from the Driving with Dogs website, this handy little book is an ideal guide to the best dog-friendly pubs and dog walks within 5 miles of UK motorway exits.

Like the website walks, you'll also find information about campervan access, disabled facilities, kids' activities, safe parking places, sat-nav codes and written route directions too.

Walking the Dog: Motorway Walks for dogs and drivers is available from the RAC shop (link URL and all the usual online bookstores such as amazon.

If your local bookstore doesn't have a copy in stock, you can order by quoting the ISBN number: 978-1-845841-02-7

Amazon link: Walking the Dog - Motorway walks for drivers and dogs

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