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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Best 2017 resolutions for you and your dog!

Here's a way to choose one resolution to make you and the dog happier in 2017, and it's free! Walk your dog!

Walking the dog gets you fitter, healthier and is the easiest way to a super-trim figure. No gym contract, no special kit needed and your exercise buddy is always ready to fit in with your schedule.

Find a great place for a dog walk on Driving with Dogs , and get going!

Driving with Dogs has over 3,000 places to get you started, so whether you're looking for new local walks or safe dog walk routes for when you're away from home you'll have plenty of choice.

And if you're up for some long dog walks, check out our guided dog walking weekend breaks too. Explore by Paw weekends are every month from March to October, and the walks are in some of the UK's most stunning countryside - the Cotswolds, the Peak District National Park and the Wales coastline are just a few. All the walks are carefully crafted to be safe for off-lead dogs, and we've found some brilliant dog-friendly pubs on the routes too. You can choose your own accommodation, whether it's camping or a B&B, so you're totally in control of your expenses - we're barking mad about dog walks, and not trying to make a profit out of you!

Absolutely the best way for you and your dog to make the most of 2017.

Driving with your dog