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Dogs just wanna have FUN! – Picture this: Dogs at Play

Dogs just wanna have FUN! – Picture this: Dogs at Play

There are many books that celebrate our canine friends, but few so colourfully and evocatively demonstrate the sheer enjoyment they experience just from being a dog. The photographs in this book are not about the bond between us and our canine companions, the results of dog training, or the ever-expanding canine wardrobe. Rather, the focus is on how dogs behave when they are freed from everyday constraints, and can indulge their natural instincts.

The unsung heroes here are the owners, who, after ensuring that their beloved best friend would be safe, let him or her run free to interact with others for the photoshoot. The resultant images showcase pure doggie delight – as the expressions on the dogs’ faces demonstrate!

Whether chasing balls or other dogs, mud-bathing, swimming, or rolling, this is a joyous celebration of dogs simply enjoying themselves!

Dogs just wanna have FUN! by Cheryl Murphy.

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ISBN: 9781787112018


Cheryl Murphy is a professional photographer who lives and works in Beverley, East Yorkshire. She has photographed many formal studio shoots, often including family pets. Observing how the finished results appeared posed, rather than natural, Cheryl decided to explore photographing dogs in a natural environment, with no constraints on their behaviour.

Cheryl has been a dog owner for many years, and has come to realise how each of our canine companions have individual traits and characters. With her camera as a constant companion, she captures natural-looking images of dogs at play, and interacting in an uninhibited manner.

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