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Free Will Training and Wolfie's story

Free Will Training and Wolfie's story

Charting the first 18 months of Wolfie's life, from when he arrived with Kathie Gregory’s family at nine weeks of age, this new book looks in detail at the mind and behaviour of a puppy, and how he develops as he becomes an adult dog. It also examines how dogs think, what they do, how they learn, form responses; their likes, dislikes, development stages and hormones, and how all of these influence a dog’s personality and development.

Language, cognitive ability, and emotional awareness are key aspects of FWT, resulting in fantastic achievements. Whether for your own dog or on a professional basis, this detailed account of how to use Free Will Teaching™ as a way of life to teach and guide every dog, takes today’s dog training into the future.

Using established and cutting-edge psychotherapies, Free Will Teaching™ offers a perspective that will change your approach to teaching your dog. Force-free, and embracing each dog’s right to free will, both you and your dog will achieve great success.

Owning a puppy is an exciting and rewarding experience. Understanding why your puppy does what he does, and what influences his behaviour, is key to a harmonious life together, and essential for avoiding the many problems and issues that crop up along the way.

A puppy called Wolfie by Kathie Gregory - take a look on Amazon and

• Follow Wolfie's life from 9 weeks to 18 months of age

• Read about Remy, a second puppy, and best friend to Wolfie

• Free Will Teaching takes modern training to the next level

• FWT is a framework that recognises, supports, and nurtures every aspect of life

• A mix of established and cutting edge human therapies adapted to working with animals

• A very powerful way to teach, extremely effective, results last a lifetime

• Teaching is fluid, intuitive, and adaptable

• Everyone can apply it; teaching is part of daily life

• Teaching is fluid, intuitive, and adaptable

• A detailed insight to your puppy's development

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