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Keep your dog (and others) safe

Keep your dog (and others) safe

PDSA (the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) is a leading pet charity that's been helping pets since 1917. They offer low cost and free vet care to some of the most vulnerable pets in society, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership. On top of this, they run a well-established Animal Awards Programme, helping society to recognise the amazing contribution pets and service animals make to our lives every single day.

Hopefully, your financial position means that you do not need to use the PDSA’s services yourself. But if it costs you nothing extra, wouldn't you want to help dogs who are suffering through no fault of their own?

This is how you can help. By insuring your dog through PDSA's Ultimate Plus insurance policy, you will help continue the charity’s great work in helping sick and injured animals across the country. You’ll benefit by knowing that your dog will have lifetime cover with up to £8000 worth of vets fees a year. Your furry friend will be covered for as long as they need treatment even if it is for more than 12 months. The cost starts from only £4.72 a month at 0% APR and there is a 24 hour helpline too. This policy compares very favourably with others in the marketplace and has been awarded a 5* rating by Defaqto. Talk about peace of mind and that’s both for you, your dog and other dogs that are in pain and have no hope of relief.

Click here to insure your dog with PDSA and receive a 10% discount voucher (valid at the time of posting). Please be sure to read the information on their website for full policy details.

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