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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Motorway Walks App is here!

Nearly half the Driving with Dogs walks near UK motorway exits are now available as an App.

We're thrilled that the app is out just in time for making your motorway driving with the dog a lot easier over the festive season. The walks are the same as the ones in the Walking the Dog book, and we've updated them and also added the GPS coordinates for your satnavs.

The app is called Motorway Walks and Breaks, and it has nearly 200 great walks and dog-friendly pubs within 5 miles of popular UK motorway exits. You'll find full directions to the start of the walk - and back to the motorway again, contact details of the pubs/cafes so you can call to make sure they're open, and info for children, wheelchair access, and the route of the walk.

The Motorway Walks and Breaks app costs £2.99 and you can download it from the itune app shop.

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