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News >> Articles >> Slim your dog down after Xmas

Slim your dog down after Xmas

Posted on Friday, 23rd December 2016 - 5:26pm in Articles by Lezli

Have you seen the latest Christmas video about obesity in dogs being a possible cause of arthritis?
Here it is again in case you missed it.

Most of us spoil our dogs in the festive season with extra bits of turkey - the skin and other bits no-one likes for example, and dogs in even in the most canine-conscientious households will self-service on anything the kids leave around, escaping crisps, cheese, pizza crusts - you know what we mean!

OK it's not pawfect - but every dog owner's halo slips once in a while.

Here's the solution though - the best way to keep your dog's weight under control, and make him happy all year round is Walkies. Simple. Walking with your dog costs nothing, is the most effective way of controlling weight (for you and the dog!), reinforcing good training and getting you both out in some healthy fresh air.

If you don't know where to walk, or don't want to walk on your own - there are dog walking groups. Lucky dog owners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire can join local Explore by Paw groups to enjoy great walks with like-minded people. 
And for weekends away with other dog owners, there's Explore by Paw weekends - recently featured in Saga magazine as a great way to make new friends - with trips to national parks, the coast, and the Cotswolds.
For even more walkies inspiration - check out over 2000 tried and tested places to walk your dog on Driving with Dogs!


With nearly 200 walks from the Driving with Dogs website, this handy little book is an ideal guide to the best dog-friendly pubs and dog walks within 5 miles of UK motorway exits.

Like the website walks, you'll also find information about campervan access, disabled facilities, kids' activities, safe parking places, sat-nav codes and written route directions too.

Walking the Dog: Motorway Walks for dogs and drivers is available from the RAC shop (link URL and all the usual online bookstores such as amazon.

If your local bookstore doesn't have a copy in stock, you can order by quoting the ISBN number: 978-1-845841-02-7

Amazon link: Walking the Dog - Motorway walks for drivers and dogs

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