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Transform Your Car Rides: Discover the Car Cube!

Transform Your Car Rides: Discover the Car Cube!

If you're a dog owner, you know that your furry friend is more than just a pet—they're family. And just like any other family member, they deserve comfort, safety, and convenience when travelling. Enter the CAR CUBE, a game-changer for every dog-loving household. We've been trying a CAR CUBE out with Effi on a recent trip to Wales and here's why we think it's so fantastic for you, the dog and your car too.

Perfect for Transporting Wet Dogs from the Beach

We love taking our dogs to the beach. The joy on their faces as they splash through the waves is priceless. But the aftermath? Not so much. Wet, sandy dogs can turn your car into a mess. The car cube is specifically suited to handle this scenario. Made from waterproof and durable materials, it provides a cosy spot for your dog to rest while keeping your car's interior dry and clean. Simply place your wet pup in the Car Cube and let it contain the moisture and sand, allowing you to enjoy your beach trips without the stress of a messy car.  The Car Cube will work just as well for muddy dogs.

Good for Dogs that are Nervous About Travel

Travelling can be stressful for some dogs. The unfamiliar sounds, movements, and confined space can make them anxious. The Car Cube offers a secure and comfortable space that helps ease their nerves. Its design allows your dog to look out of the window, providing a sense of control and reducing anxiety. At the same time the comforting walls and bottom create a snug environment that feels like a safe haven, making the journey smoother for your nervous traveller.

Easy to Clean and Shake Out

Dogs can be messy, but maintaining their car seat shouldn't be a hassle. The Car Cube is incredibly easy to clean. After a trip, you can simply shake out any loose dirt and hair, and for more thorough cleaning, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes. This ease of maintenance ensures that the car seat remains fresh and hygienic for every trip. Once in a while you may decide it needs a more substantial clean which is done by removing the stiffening rods and putting the whole thing minus rods in the washing machine.

Stores Flat in the Boot When Not in Use

One of the really handy features of the Car Cube is its convenience. When not in use, it can be easily folded flat and stored in the boot of your car. This space-saving design means you can have a clean and clutter-free vehicle without having to sacrifice your dog's comfort on the next outing. Whether you're running errands or going on a road trip, the CUBE can be set up or stowed away in seconds, making it a practical addition to your car accessories.

A CUBE benefits both your passengers and your dog. It keeps your car clean, provides a safe and comfortable travel space for your pet, keeps the rear seat fit for people to use, and is incredibly easy to maintain and store. Whether you're transporting a wet dog from the beach, calming a nervous traveller, or just looking for a hassle-free pet travel solution, the dog car seat has got you covered. Make every journey a pleasant experience for your furry friend and yourself—try the ultimate dog car seat today!

The Car Cube dog travel seat is available only from the Big Dog Bed Company. They specialise in quality dog beds and accessories.  We have no commercial relationship with them, and this review is based purely on our own experience.

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