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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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A-roads: give your dog a break!

A-roads: give your dog a break!

Drivers going east-west across the UK with their dogs often find it challenging to find good places to stop for refreshments and a short dog walk. 

The Driving with Dogs team have now added hundreds of dog-friendly places to stop from UK A-roads, and we're adding more walks and dog-friendly pubs and cafes every week.

The team focus on getting a safe place for you to park, for cars and campervans too. So the Driving with Dogs walks always start from a proper car park, ideally with CCTV for your security. 

You can't take your dog into services, so what to do in hot weather when you need the loo but can't leave the dog in the car? Driving with Dogs chooses dog-friendly pubs and cafes so you can take your dog inside, and not leave Fido alone in the car. Many of the pubs and cafes we've chosen open for breakfast or morning coffee so you'll be welcome there at any time of the day.

Most important for the dog are the A-road dog walks. The Driving with Dogs crew has created short dog walks starting from the dog-friendly pubs so dogs can stretch their legs and enjoy a quality comfort break. These are simple and easy-to-follow routes for a 20-30 minute walkies. Lovely for dogs, and good for drivers too. We've tried hard to find walks without sheep or cows, and without difficult stiles too.

Is there a dog-friendly pub with a nice walk near you? All Driving with Dogs members win Treats for adding new dog-friendly pubs and walks!


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