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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Treat yourself!

It's easy to start earning Treats

Get your paws on discounts, special offers and free gifts with Treats from Driving with Dogs!

  1. 1. Become a member

    Choose free membership, or get more with a Premium subscription

  2. 2. Start earning points

    Add a photo, a listing, review or fill out your profile for points

  3. 3. Receive a Treat!

    You receive a Driving with Dogs Treat every 100 points

How can I earn Treats?

It's so easy to earn Treats, you get points every time you add to Driving with Dogs, and once you hit 100 points, you earn yourself a Treat!

Some ways you can earn Treats

  • Become a member of Driving with Dogs (+10 Points)
  • Submit a new listing to the website (+20 Points)
  • Review one of our walks, pubs, cafes or beaches (+5 Points)
  • Upload a photo to a walk, pub or beach (+10 Points)
  • "Like" the Driving with Dogs Facebook page (+10 Points)
  • Upload your dog's photo to your profile (+10 Points)

Look out for this icon!

This icon means Treat Points are available on this page!

Some of our Treats

We have lots of Treats on offer, from free membership or discounts, to free gifts we can send out to you and your dog!

Driving with Dogs

Water bottle for thirsty dog-walkers

Keep yourself and the dog hydrated with this ruff tuff water bottle that clips onto your belt with a carabiner for a cool outdoor look.  

20% off Premium membership

You've just won a 20% discount on Premium membership.


Driving with Dogs

Driving with Dogs key ring

A special key ring with a whistle and key light. Ideal for keeping in touch with Fido on those dark winter evenings. Plus a Driving with Dogs sticker for your car and a random extra Treat!

A 3-day Rover Pass

Perfect for driving to a short break with the pooch. A 3-day Rover gives you access to all the Premium walks and dog-friendly country pubs.

Driving with Dogs

FREE poo bags

You've won a pack of emergency poo-bags! Keep them in the car and you'll never be caught short when you stop for a doggie comfort break!

Bags are 100% bio-degradable (but should still be placed in a dog bin)

Free Premium for one month

Win one month of UK Premium membership. Maybe just in time for your holiday!

Driving with Dogs

A Driving with Dogs sticker for your car, and a random extra Treat

Tell the world that you know how to keep your 4-legged passenger happy and cared for.   We'll send you a Driving with Dogs car sticker and a "mystery prize". The stickers won't spoil your windows and they're transparent.

Every 100 points, you open a box and win a Treat

Hey! No peaking!
Hey! No peaking!
Hey! No peaking!

Check out our leaderboard

Who's top dog out of the Driving with Dogs members? Take a look at our leaderboard to find out!

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Treat FAQs

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Treats.

I didn't get points for my contribution!

All contributions are moderated before any points awarded - please bear with us, we'll award your points as soon as your contribution has been checked over.

I have a lovely photo of my dog on one of the walks. Can I add this?

Yes please! We love seeing dogs having a great time. Go to the walk page, click on 'Add Photo' and follow the easy instructions.

Are all the Premium walks tried and tested?

Yes. Every single walk has been walked by the DwD team.

Can I add extra details to a Walk that someone else has created?

Yes, please do! Click on 'suggest an edit' (look for the link on the right side of the page, under the contributor's name) and add your extra information or update.