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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs


What do you want to know?

If you've got questions about Driving with Dogs, take a look through our most frequently asked questions, and find out more about how the site works, Premium Membership, and how to add to the website.


I've found a problem with your website!

We've spent a long time fine tuning our new website, but it's inevitable that one or two gremlins might still be in the system. Please report any issues you experience when using our new website.

A walk near my home is on Driving with Dogs but you've given directions to a Pay and Display car park. I always park for free on a lane 500 yards from the main car park.

You're welcome to add that information to the listing. The walks are written for people on long car journeys and so we always take the safest parking place, closest to the facilities and the start of the walk route.

Why are there no postcodes for the dog walks in the Republic of Ireland?

UK-style postcodes are not used here. We've provided the GPS co-ordinates.

My Satnav won't let me put in GPS co-ordinates, what do I do?

First, check your satnav manual and see if it tells you how to select latitude/longitude. On our TomTom this is in the menu for 'navigate to'. And you can also get the full driving directions for each walk when you click on 'Directions' and these don't need a satnav at all.

Where do I find the details of vets in France?

Sign in to your Premium France Driving with Dogs membership and click on the 3 dots to the right of Beaches, and then click on Vets in France.

Why do some of the autoroutes in France not have walks?

All the Driving with Dogs walks are physically tried and tested by the DwD team, and if an autoroute doesn't have dog walks then we haven't been there yet. The 'missing' autoroutes are mainly in the less popular central region.

Isn't it more expensive if you leave a French motorway and then get back on?

This depends on your route and the road operator. Many of the walks are designed to save you some motorway driving as you come off after one peage/toll and then rejoin further on.

Do vets in France speak English?

Many vets in France, or their receptionists, speak excellent English. If your dog is unwell, remember that vets are trained to care for animals who cannot say what their problem is.

Can I take my dog onto beaches in France?

Some beaches in France have restrictions for dogs in the summer. You'll see signs with pictures in obvious places near the beach, like in the UK. Driving with Dogs has listings of lots of dog-friendly beaches in France.


Are all the Premium walks tried and tested?

Yes. Every single walk has been walked by the DwD team.

How do you choose the pubs & cafes for the premium dog walks?

There are 4 essentials to this. The pub/cafe should

  • serve coffees, lunch and snacks during the day, and have somewhere for driver and dog to sit together comfortably.
  • have the kind of atmosphere where a woman and dog are made welcome and not stared at.
  • have clean WCs

The dog walk should start within 50m of the pub and avoid fields of livestock, and awkward stiles.

If I add lots of new walks, can I get free Premium membership?

Yes you can. Remember anything you add has to be original and not copied from other websites.

Can I sample what the Premium walks are like before subscribing?

We have a special 3 day rover which allows full access of Driving with Dogs for 72 hours. This is priced at just a one off cost of £2.99 and should give you enough time to see whether you want to become a Premium member.

Can I get a Premium subscription just for France?

Yes, you can - our France subscription is £15.99 per year.


I didn't get points for my contribution!

All contributions are moderated before any points awarded - please bear with us, we'll award your points as soon as your contribution has been checked over.

Why can I only view 3 listings per day?

Users that are not logged in are limited to viewing a maximum of 3 listings per day. A basic account is free and takes under a minute to set up - so why not join?

I've forgotten my password! I can't login!

We have a facility that you can use to recover your password.

What do I get Treat points for?

We award points for valuable contributions to Driving with Dogs - this isn't just for adding new walks or other listings, but also for updating existing information, reviewing listings, and more. There's a full list of things we award points for on the Treats page.

How many Treat points do I get for adding a walk?

Find out how Treats work here

Can I add extra details to a Walk that someone else has created?

Yes, please do! Click on 'suggest an edit' (look for the link on the right side of the page, under the contributor's name) and add your extra information or update.

What do I get for my points?

We've chosen rewards we hope you'll like. You can see the full details here


I want to add my dog-friendly B&B. How do I do this?

All Premium members can add their own businesses. Just join and add your B&B as a Member Business.

I want to add my local dog-friendly pub, can I do this?

Yes, provided that the pub is open from 12 noon at least 3 days a week plus weekends. We will phone or message the pub to get their agreement to be listed on DwD before your nomination goes live.

I have a lovely photo of my dog on one of the walks. Can I add this?

Yes please! We love seeing dogs having a great time. Go to the walk page, click on 'Add Photo' and follow the easy instructions.

I want to add a walk, but it's telling me a walk is already there. What do I do?

You can add your comments and photos to the first listing. And still get Treat points.

I want to add my dog grooming business. Do I have to be a Premium member?

Yes. And this still works out to be a fraction of the price of an advertisement on many other websites.

Can't find your question?

If there's something you want to ask that isn't covered in our FAQ, please fill out the form below, we'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for your question!

The Driving with Dogs Team will take a look at your question and get you an answer as soon as we can.

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