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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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A scoop on the poop

Like buses, there’s never a dog poo bin when you need one and when you don’t - they’re everywhere.

Because Driving with Dogs is all about dog walks, this is something we’ve had to get alarmingly interested in. On the daily walk routine at home most people have figured out a strategy to avoid carrying the bag any longer than necessary. But away from home things get more complicated.

The fact is, no-one enjoys scooping in the first place, but when you have to carry it for ages as well, there’s clearly something wrong.

There are some clever solutions around that might help.

You may have spotted the Poopod on Dragon's Den. It’s a fully sealed plastic unit that is an integral part of the lead. This means that you can walk, scoop and carry on walking without coming into direct contact with the bag. The Poopod is also deodorised. Nice! Poopods are available direct from in three sizes.

The Houndsac is a really well-designed small backpack with a hygienic vinyl lining and poo container. There are several different pockets in the Sac, with spaces for your mobile and a water bottle that are completely separate from the poo bit. It looks really stylish, and no-one would guess what might be inside! Take a look on

And when style and design are every bit as important as functionality, then take a look at for some bags that will have you smiling for sure.

And the final great idea will appeal to composters and gardeners. A wormery that composts dog poo. Check this one out at Cornwall based .

All these solutions are ideal for dogwalkers with a conscience who loathe carrying scrunched up, smelly, supermarket bags!

A different solution is to walk in Forestry Commission woods and forests. These walks are usually in remote areas where danger to children or other health hazards is minimal. In these situations, the Forestry Commission suggest flicking dog poo away from paths with a stick, and leaving it to compost naturally.

And if everything goes very wrong - check out a site called Planet Urine ( ) where they sell various potions for removing stains and what-have-you. Hope you never need this one!

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