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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Advice for dogs needing 'basket rest' after surgery

Driving with Dogs is all about dog walks - but what happens when your dog needs to rest after surgery and can't go walkies?

“He’s going to need sixweeks crate rest; just keep him quiet while he recovers.”

These words – whichoften form part of the treatment requirements for dogs undergoing surgery, orrequiring long-term medical care – can strike Not a lot of advice is availableregarding appropriate mental and emotional support for dogs whilst their usualexercise is limited, and owners are left to manage as best they can, which canbe stressful for both owner and dog, and can lead to behaviour changes and problems.

This unique book,written by professionals in their field, aims to help owners identify theindividual needs of their dog, and, in addition, offer support in preparingtheir dog for a period of restricted exercise, when surgical interventions areplanned.

Ideas and tips formental stimulation and emotional support – as well as alternatives to physicalexercise and guidance on how to teach specific skills – are included.

Beautiful,specially-taken photographs illustrate every chapter, and worksheets enableowners to chart the progress of their dog’s care plan.

No walks? No worries! bySian Ryan

ISBN: 9781845846053

UPC: 6-36847-04605-7

How to order:

No walks? No worries! by Sian Ryan can be ordered from bookshops by quoting the correct ISBN number (above).

You can also order direct from the publishers: telephone 01305 260068, fax 01305 250479 or e-mail . Books can also beordered on the Veloce website –

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