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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

Long car journeys in hot weather can be a nightmare. Here are some ideas to keep the kids, dogs, elderly parents and your brother-in-law happy!

You can use Driving with Dogs to plan stops on your route before you head off, or you can just do a quick search on your phone when you're ready for a break.

Search by route.  Planning ahead is great if you particularly want to visit, say, a glorious garden or to indulge yourself with a treat lunch in a foodie pub (dog-friendly obviously). And when you're doing a long, long trip then planning is definitely a good idea. Use the filters to search for exactly what you need on Driving with Dogs. These include activities for everyone, not just the dog! So let's say you want to stop somewhere that's got a playground for kids, a car park you can get a campervan into and a cafe/pub that does quick snacks near, let's say Coventry. First use the 'Location' option in the search box on the front page and put in Coventry and 'within 5 miles'. Then choose your filters, for example kids' activities, campervan access, refreshments,  or a disabled WC and you get a couple of perfect choices.

But when tension's building up in the car and everyone needs to get out and reclaim some sanity right now? Use the Driving with Dogs by location search to get you off the road and to a calmer space. There are moments when a thousand acres of ancient woodland is just what you need, or maybe a free car park with super-clean loos near a wholefood cafe and fully-accessible riverside path will do the trick.

With over 3,000 doggietastic places to stop and take a break with your dog you're sure to find your pawfect break.



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