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Crufts on YouTube

Crufts 2012 is being shown on YouTube this year.

This year all the LIVE coverage of the Main Arena at Crufts 2012 will be on YouTube, not

You can find the Crufts Channel on YouTube by simply going to .

There will be free LIVE coverage from Crufts 2012 on all 4 days of the show:

Thurs 8th March: 0840 – 1955 (GMT) Fri 9th March: 0830 – 1950 (GMT) Sat 10th March: 0830 – 1955 (GMT) Sun 11th March: 0845 – 2100 (GMT) The live coverage will include all Best in Group Judging and Best in Show.

At there will also be lots of FREE Video coverage of Crufts 2012 including:

‘as live’ replays of all the Arena Events. These will be available within hours of the event happening in the Arena. video clips of some Best of Breed Judging. (not ALL the BOBs will be covered, but Crufts are aiming to do the most popular breeds and try to get at least 7 – 8 videos published each day) a daily update from the Obedience Competition. (NB: Full ‘as live’ coverage of the 2012 Crufts Obedience Competition will be available on the Crufts YouTube channel for free in the 7-10 days after this year’s show)

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