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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Dog-friendly overnight stops near UK motorways

Dog-friendly overnight stops near UK motorways

Have you ever spent 35 minutes planning a long trip and then had to do another couple of hours trying find a dog-friendly B&B for just one night? If you're driving on the UK motorway network with your dog, it could happen to you.

Here's a simple tip. Travelodge motels accept pets. No fuss, no bother, you just make the reservation and rock up with Fido.

For a hassle-free overnighter to simply get your head down and crack on next day Travelodge locations are easy to find, clean and comfy, and you're totally in control. If you like an early start you can leave with the dawn chorus if you want and not have to hang around to get a coffee.

All rooms are ensuite, with TV with freeview and Wifi plus complimentary toiletries and tea/coffee. There's a £20 charge for the dog and you just put this down as an 'extra' when you book online.

To find a convenient Travelodge for your trip just click on the pic below. 

Driving with your dog