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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Dog walks in the Derbyshire White Peak

The White Peak is a popular holiday spot for dog owners, with plenty of dog-friendly pubs and accommodation on offer.

But the area is also big on sheep!

Join us for guided dog walks through some of the highlights of the area on routes specially designed to avoid sheep, cows and awkward stiles as much as possible.

The walks are led by Lezli and David Rees, authors of the RAC's 'Walking the Dog' book and owners of the Driving with Dogs website, with their rescue collie Jem. We've been walking in the White Peak for over 10 years and are looking forward to sharing our best walks with you - so you won't get mown over by cyclists on the 'trails' or find yourself obliged to keep your dog on the lead for miles on end!

The big summer dog walkies is in July-October 2014, and you can see the walk details here:

Driving with your dog