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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Dogs welcome, pubs

One of the best things about a walk with the dog is the visit to the pub at the end!

Driving with Dogs now has a new listings section for dog-welcoming pubs, so that you can find the perfect log fire and a glass of wine - or pint of superb ale - for you and the pooch.

Just like the Driving with Dogs walks, you can rate the pubs - and make comments too.

And everyone can add dog friendly pubs as well!

If you run a pub - it's completely FREE to add your pub to the listings, just click on the 'add a pub' link at the top of each page of the pub listings and send in the details.

There was a bit of discussion about whether to try and 'star rate' the pubs, but in the end we thought that was a job best left alone. We all had different ideas about importances - Richard was keen to get all the real ale details in, Lezli wanted to rate the cleanliness of the loos, David favoured a price guide ... and so in the end we've given each pub its own web page with photos.

Interestingly, we realised that the price of meals was somewhat deceptive - as portion sizes vary so much from region to region. A starter ordered north of Leicester will probably be larger than a main course south of London! Appetites vary too, some people prefer a starter and a pud, others just like the main course. So it isn't really possible to rank pubs on price alone.

If you visit a pub and find that things have changed - or you have recently taken over a pub and made the changes - the quickest way to let other people know is to add a comment when you rate the pub. Or you can just drop us an email.

Here's to an ever-expanding list of dog-welcoming pubs. Cheers!

Driving with your dog