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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Driving from UK to Spain with the dog

If you're planning to drive to Spain via France, Driving with Dogs is the go-to resource for places to take a break from the motorway.

You don't need a dog to enjoy these breaks - although our dog might disagree! You find plenty of info for children's activities and family-friendly breaks.

Each break is within 10km of an autoroute exit and has: First of all - GPS codes and written directions to get you off the motorway, and back again. So no fuss with the navigation. For Campervan drivers: details of height restriction bars so you know where to park. Cheaper fuel. Details of fuel stations given so you don't waste money on expensive motorway services Shops and supermarkets for picnic supplies - avoid unhealthy and expensive food in motorway services. Choose what you want to eat! Let the family have fun shopping in local patisseries, or just grab what you want from a well-stocked supermarket. See something! Each walk takes you somewhere interesting, from stunning nature reserves to monstrous military installations. Wherever you stop, you'll see an aspect of France you would have otherwise missed. Dogs welcome too! All the walks and places to visit are suitable for your family pet to go with you. And each listing includes the nearest vet for tick treatments (and emergencies, but we hope you don't need the vet for that). Want to see more? Details of tourist information offices for each listing give you the choice of spending more time in each locality. How did we find these fantastic places for a break from the autoroutes? The Driving with Dogs team drove round France and tried and tested every one of the breaks.

With over 2,000 walks on the Driving with Dogs site, get to the France walks easily by selecting 'Walks and more'. Then type 'France' in the DwD search box. Choose map view to get a feel for the breaks on your route, and then print out the ones you like the look of.

Driving with your dog