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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Driving with Dogs in France

If you're taking your dog to France this year, check out the new Driving with Dogs dog walks by autoroute exits throughout France before you go!

All the major routes from the UK through France to Marseilles, to Carcassonne and the Atlantic coast and to the Spanish border are covered - with all the details you need to walk the dog, see something interesting on the walk, info about market days, where to get picnic supplies and fuel and directions from the motorway and back again (with GPS) to make your stop as stress-free as possible.

Like the UK dog walks close to motorway exits, you can see at a glance whether the walk is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies; whether there are WCs, and if you can easily park a campervan.

Vet surgeries are also included throughout France, and you'll find a full listing of vets close to the France ferry ports/tunnel towns.

A number of dog-friendly campsites in France, Portugal and Belgium are already on Driving with Dogs, and more are being uploaded every week.

Don't forget to check the dog rules before you go to make sure your pet's passport is valid:

Bonnes vacances to all DwD dogs and their drivers!

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