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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Driving with Dogs on the M6

Driving with Dogs on the M6

Roadworks, delays and a lot of heavy traffic makes the M6 a route where just about anything can happen. And if you're driving with a dog in the car it's not always easy to find somewhere to stop. The lovely park shown here is just a few minutes from Junction 10.

The Driving with Dogs team took a road trip with Jem to sniff out the best places for you to stop for a doggie comfort break, or just to give the pooch a chance to cool down in hot weather. We stuck to a limit of 5 miles from the junctions to cut down on extra miles and chose dog-friendly pubs and country parks with proper car parks - just in case Fido makes a desperate leap out of the car. Other factors were disabled access for people travelling with an assistance dog, kids' play facilities, and whether or not you can get a camper van into the car park without making it limbo under a height bar. We've just started adding EV chargers too.

To see all the dog walks near motorway junctions on your route, just add your starting place and where you're going and click on 'Fetch Walks'. Then let the Driving with Dogs retriever show you all the dog walks on your journey.

Search tip - you can ask to see just dog-friendly pubs, or all places with full disabled access, and lots of other options too. This can save you time.



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