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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Essential guide for stress-free driving with your dog 2022

Essential guide for stress-free driving with your dog 2022

Holiday packing, planning and preparation can quickly turn into a headache. So why not plan your journey so your precious holiday starts right from your own front door?

Getting to your holiday base   Plan your journey to allow all the family to get comfort breaks in suitable places. Your Driving with Dogs membership lets you choose not only great dog walks on your route but also exciting stops for kids, and interesting places for passengers to see while enjoying a cup of tea. Solo drivers can choose stops so the dog never has to be left in the car alone. You may add a few minutes extra to the journey, but your holiday will start earlier too and you'll arrive feeling comfortable and relaxed at the start of your break.

Pack the doggie essentials    The dog always seems to have more stuff than us!

  • Food   Many dogs don't relish a change in diet, so if you can it's a good idea to take a supply of your dog's usual food with you.  Raw food can be tricky if you're camping with no freezer, so plan ahead to find a local stockist or arrange for use of the hotel or campsite's freezer.   We've found 4PawsRaw offer a reliable delivery service even to campsites and holiday accommodation and offer a very straightforward approach to raw food. Other suppliers and shops are of course available!
  • Familiar Friends  Bed, toys and treats from home all help a dog to settle in a new environment and establish boundaries in your holiday accommodation. 
  • Medication can easily be forgotten, so wherever possible do the regular flea and worming treatments just before you go away so you don't need to worry about it.  Your dog may need help with extra exposure to the sun, and paws are vulnerable to cracking and irritation from sand and salt water. We use Mushers Paw Balm to prevent pad soreness and would recommend this, but check with your vet for advice if your dog has a pre-existing skin problem.
  • Safety  Pet theft has increased dramatically and it's more important than ever to keep your dog close, and never left alone in the car or tied up outside shops.  The Driving with Dogs listings offer safe places to stop for a comfort break where you can keep the dog with you and safe.
  • Heat   Cars can quickly become an oven, and every year dogs die in parked cars.  Never leave your dog in the car in hot weather. Even 'just a few minutes' can be fatal.  Use your Driving with Dogs membership to choose from over 5000 dog-friendly places to stop for a break in the UK and France
  • Grooming  Sand and seawater play havoc with a dog's coat and can lead to skin problems.  To keep your dog in tip top condition make sure s/he is at least rinsed in fresh water after a day at the beach. A swim in a clean freshwater river is ideal!  We've started using a spray de-tangler with the pup this year. Like all collies she has long tresses with an undercoat and this is a magnet for sand.  We love the the PawDaw detangler spray and this has been a game-changer for our little monster who hates being brushed. PawDaw also do a shampoo and nose balm and are becoming our go-to website for all things wet dog!
  • Dog towels  You simply can't have too many dog towels!  For ultimutt protection from wet dog shakes try a dog bag from PawDaw to encase your wet pooch in a soft but tough barrier and protect your car, caravan or hotel room.  For the cutest look for apres-bath, a luxury towelling robe from Dogrobes is our pup's favourite. These can also double up as comforters for dogs frightened by thunderstorms or other scary noises. We bought our first robe for Jem over 15 years ago and it's still going strong. These are outstanding value and quality.

So once you've got the pooch packed, the rest is easy!   Wishing all members and dogs a fantastic holiday this year, we all deserve it.

Driving with Dogs has thousands of great dog walk places, dog-friendly pubs and cafes and attractions where dogs are welcome.  You'll find walks all over the UK and France, and these have all been tried and tested by the Driving with Dogs team or added by members who live nearby. 

  • Each listing gives you info about where to park, whether you can get a campervan into the car park, accessibility and disabled facilities, activities for kids to enjoy - and where the dog bins are!  Use the Driving with Dogs motorway and A-road walks to take a break on your journey, and then to find great dog-friendly beaches and family and dog-friendly attractions at your destination.
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