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Finding the perfect dog guard for your car

Finding the perfect dog guard for your car

Vehicle dog guards.  Do they really fit?  Not, if my experience is anything to go by. The eternal rattle you can't stop no matter where you tighten, cable tie or weld. The tightening of clamps and adjustables on a weekly basis, to ensure the hairy beasts are safely separated from the rest of the family. Sound familiar? Time for the tide to turn.

Travall maintain their guards have many features, two being strength and perfect fit, in this review I'll do my best to explore both of these areas.

What do you get?

  • Speedy delivery. Our guard was safely delivered within 48 hours.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Guard and fittings 
  • Fitting instructions

Fitting Instructions

Not the best I have to say. The pictures are in black and white, there's no text and no close up images. Saying that, we did manage to follow all points and fit the guard in less than 20 minutes.  There is an on-line guide you can follow with videos, and this is far better quality because it’s in colour and you can zoom in on the images. 

Fitting the guard

Laying the contents out on to the dining room table, we started with attaching the guard supports, easy enough? A few moments of fiddly sections, a second pair of hands is definitely advisable while attaching the second set of side supports. Once the side supports are fitted the guard does feel fairly secure as it is. This is where the Travall guard comes into its own as it has been designed to attach to the isofix fittings hidden within the boot space. This means the guard has a strong fixing by being anchored to the vehicle.

Once we had attached the fixing bars, tightened the lugs and attached the rubber bungs to the end of the upright supports, we both agreed the guard was going nowhere. 

Does the Travall guard live up to its claim?

Without a doubt. The guard is strong and sturdy in its construction, the frame is well built and designed to be out of the driver’s field of vision when using the rear view mirror. The contour of the guard means the middle seatbelt can still be used without having to feed the belt over or through the guard - an issue in my previous guard. 

The Travall guard has been road tested using my two 70KG+ Saint Bernards in the boot at the same time. Both dogs have pressure tested the internal section by leaning on it, and the bars are still in their original uniform construction. The side supports have remained firmly in place despite pressure being applied as the dogs swapped places. Isofix supports are still straight and secure, nothing has impeded the internal footprint of the bootspace which was a concern due to travelling with giant breeds.

Not a sound was heard as I bounced my way down country lanes. Opening the window for ventilation I expected a low hum or whistle from the guard, total silence not a rattle or vibration was heard, apart from two large dogs panting! 

The finish on the guard is perfect. Normally we have a few tufts of hair caught somewhere, but not anymore. The guard is powder-coated, meaning it is also easy to clean. 


The Travall guard certainly lived up to the claim for strength and fitting. This was the first guard we have managed to fit in under twenty minutes. Fitting is relatively simple if you follow the instructions. No other tools are required than the Allen key. As the guard is fitted to the base of the bootspace adjusting the headrests has become possible again, improving passenger comfort. All in all a great product, a little fiddly at points but nothing a second pair of hands and some patience can't resolve. 

Ordering a Travall Guard couldn't be easier  

Simply visit TRAVALL and using the website vehicle selector you can find the range of Travall products available for the car you drive. Even better, Travall offers a best fit guarantee of any brand or your money back.  We’re delighted with our Travall Guard and think you will be too. 

Many thanks to Driving with Dogs member Jill, with Bertie and Bo, for this review of Travall dog guards. If you'd like to review a dog-related product please sign up for the Driving with Dogs newsletter in your account/settings and look out for the reviewer requests.

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