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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Forget muddy dog walks and take Fido swimming instead! 

Forget muddy dog walks and take Fido swimming instead! 

Driving with Dogs is all about taking your dog for lovely walkies in the countryside. But it does happen that the weather makes it nearly impossible to get out and about.  So we're totally blown away by news of a swimming pool specially, and only, for dogs.  If you're lucky enough to live within reach of Chelmsford in Essex this is something you want to check out.

Splash Dog say their mission is:

  • Getting your dog to confidently enter the water and exercise through play. Guiding and supporting them with motivational techniques to ultimately gain trust and self assurance.
  • Positively encouraging growth and confidence through play and exercise whilst maintaining the safety of pets, members and staff at all times
  • Working together to continuously achieve improvements in your dog's wellbeing through water based activity in a warn, safe and friendly place.

Splash Dog is a membership only private swimming pool for dogs.  Just like a people gym you join with a membership and this gives you and your pooch access to booked slots at the pool. The pool has life jackets, toys, floaty things and changing rooms on site. The pool is a 32ft x 16ft indoor HEATED (27 degrees) pool  specially designed just for dogs and their owners. 

As well as regular swims with your dog you can also book a session for a small pooch party, or go along with your doggo's best doggie friend.

Read all about the pool and check out all the details here Splash Dog and give your dog the joy of exercise without the mud and ice!

Driving with Dogs has no commercial relationship with Splash Dog. We just think this is a totally amazing idea and well worth telling everyone about.

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