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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Forget the K... word, check into a Dog Hotel

Many responsible dog owners plan their lives to include their canine companions in everything they do. We certainly do and without Jem, Driving with Dogs would never have existed.

But what happens when it’s really impossible to include the pooch?

Kennels is often a straightforward solution. You know the dog will be safe and secure, and that his material needs will be met by trained professionals. If there’s a real health emergency they’ll call a vet, and there’s little danger of your pet going over the wire or being dognapped from the secure kennel unit.

Other ideas include hiring house-sitters to stay in your home to care for the dog. This can work really well, although many of us would need to allow time to spring clean the house throughout before handing it over to strangers – as well as writing endless lists on the emotional needs of the solar panels or that slightly dodgy tap on the dishwasher.

But instead of looking for forms of dog care that hold your pet in suspended animation until you return, what if he could go off on a jolly of his own?

The Canine Country Club specialise in activity holidays for dogs, and combine the security and professionalism of kennels with the interaction and exercise dogs adore. There are 15 canine suites, where dogs can enjoy all the comforts of home. Toys, rugs, beds and sofas give guest dogs the clear message that they haven’t been abandoned. Which means you’re not subjected to the guilt treatment when the dog comes home!

A typical day at the Country Club is rather like a nursery school, with doggy exercise sessions and rest breaks alternating. There are choices between types of sport or solo walking that give each dog the lifestyle he most enjoys.

The Canine Country Club is owned by dog-lovers Jackie and Tim Ferrier, who established the business in a secluded country site in the South West in 2007. Since then they have already won a top award for the hotel, and receive regular accolades from delighted dogs and owners! They even lay on a chauffeur service for busy owners, and collect guests from various motorway points on the M4 and the M3.

Check out their website for more details:

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