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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out

Fun exercise tips for you and your dog

Looking for fun and unusual ways to exercise your four-legged friend? Take a look at this infographic shared with us by the team at Sainsbury's Bank blogspot for intriguing dog exercise tips.

Check out our Creative Canine Fitness examples, including some unusual sports that you can participate in with your pooch, and ways of exercising your pet indoors.

Our four-legged friends need daily physical activity to keep their muscles and joints healthy, as well as building trust and limiting unruly, attention-seeking behaviour.

Don’t forget - just because a dog is small doesn't mean that it needs less exercise! Although breed can give an indication of the dog's energy level, the final judgment must be made on the individual dog's needs.

Dog exercise infographic

Driving with your dog