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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Gardening with Dogs

Is your garden dog friendly? Or just somewhere to leave Fido when you pop out for a while?

Now that the sunshine's finally here, everyone's heading off to the garden centre for new plants. But before you buy, check out this really useful book by Karen Bush to make sure that your dog's needs are built into your garden plan.

Dog-friendly Gardening helps you to choose plants that are safe for dogs, and also how to deal with pests without harming your pooch.

There's lots you can do to make the garden a stimulating and interesting space for the dog, before he starts 'helping' you to do the weeding!

I love the idea of a doggy 'activity area' - not what you might think, but somewhere for dogs to play and sniff to cut down the boredom!

Dog-friendly Gardening is available from the publishers Hubble & Hattie at £12.99 ( ) or from

Driving with your dog