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Gloria Hunniford Joins Campaign for Heart Disease Prevention in Dogs

GloriaHunniford Joins Campaign for Heart Disease Prevention in Dogs

Veterinary scientists havemade a major breakthrough in the management of the most common form of canineheart disease, which has the potential to extend the healthy lives of dogsworldwide. Gloria Hunniford has joined the campaign to educate owners onpotential risks and what they can do to keep their pets happy and healthy forlonger.

BroadcasterGloria Hunniford discovered that her cavalier King Charles spaniel Gemma wassuffering with heart disease when she collapsed earlier this year. Nowthat her beloved pet is doing well with the right medication, Gloria has joineda campaign to raise awareness of the commonality of heart disease in smalldogs, and encourage owners to seek out information on earlier diagnosis of thedisease in their canine companions, to help them live a longer, healthier life.

Heartdisease is one of the top five causes of death in dogs in the UK, with mitral heart disease (MVD) accounting for the majority of cases. The disease is caused by thedeterioration of one of the heart valves and predominantly affects small breeddogs, including cavalier King Charles spaniels, dachshunds, poodles and terrierbreeds.

Butthe global EPIC study, led by Professor Adrian Boswood of the Royal VeterinaryCollege, found that treating dogs with enlarged hearts – an early warning signof progressive heart disease – before they display any outward signs delays theonset of heart failure secondary to mitral valve disease (MVD).

Watchour video to find out more.

More details available from the Royal Veterinary College . Join the conversation: #EPIC

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