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Heat stroke in dogs - know the signs

Heat stroke in dogs - know the signs

Many thanks to VetsNow for this very important information to keep your dog safe in hot summer weather. Remember that the back of your car can heat up quickly on your journey, and the aircon may not reach your pet's travel crate.  Always stop regularly on a long journey and give your pooch the chance to have a drink of water, a short walk and toileting break and to cool down.  Never leave your dog alone in the car in warm or hot weather.

There are over 3,000 dog-friendly places on the Driving with Dogs website where you can stop and give your dog a break. Most start from a pub or cafe with a safe car park, and the walks have been created and tested by Jem and the Driving with Dogs team so you know they are dog-friendly. And there's notes on kids' stuff and accessibility too.

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