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If your dog needs First Aid, could you cope?

If your dogneeds First Aid, could you cope?

When thedog is suddenly unwell we don’t have the option of calling 999 and waiting forexpert help to arrive. But a few simple first aid techniques may make all thedifference to your dog’s comfort, or even his chances of survival.

Dog firstaid courses are available throughout the UK, and are ideal for pet ownerswith no previous training or medical experience.

Eachtraining day usually consists of 3-4 hours of practical training on a weekendday and covers everyday dog injuries such as hurt paws, correct tick removal,allergic reactions and broken bones. Many courses also include emergency carefollowing car accidents and similar disasters.

Mostimportantly, you learn how to restrain an injured dog so that you can applyFirst Aid without getting bitten in the process.

Coursestypically cost between £30 and £60 and should be run by a trained veterinaryprofessional. You will receive a certificate of achievement after a validcourse which counts as CPD if you work in a related area.

Many dogclubs organise their own training sessions, and will welcome non-membersproviding there are free spaces.

Autumn/Winter 2013Dog First Aid courses – just follow the links to find the course locations andproviders:

October 5th 2013

Halesowen (West Midlands) Dog First Aid Courses:

One course in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

October 5th2013

DunstableDog First Aid Course:

October 6th 2013

Daventry DogFirst Aid course

October 12th 2013

Leek (Staffordshire) Dog First Aid course:

October 12th 2013

Dog First Aid Course: Warwickshire College – Pershore

October 19th 2013

Canterbury Dog First Aid course:

Dog First Aid Course, Warwickshire College– Moreton Morrell

October 20th 2013

Grantham Dog First Aid course:

November 10th 2013

Newport Pagnell Dog First Aid course:

November 16th 2013

Harpenden Dog First Aid course:

November 23rd 2013

Enfield Dog First Aid course:

November 24th 2013

Leicester Dog First Aid course:

November 30th2013

Rugby DogFirst Aid course:

December 1st 2013

Bristol Dog First Aid course:

If your dog club is running a Dog First Aid Course and you’dlike to be added to the list, please e-mail details to .

Dog First Aid book

A very useful reference book called ‘Emergency First Aid forDogs’ written by vet Martin Bucksch is just £4.99. The book is beautifullyillustrated so you can easily see what to do, and is just the right size for keepingin the car while you’re out and about with your dog. His tips on what to put ina First Aid box for pets are particularly helpful (and work out much cheaperthan buying a ready-made one). To order ‘Emergency First Aid for Dogs’ use ISBN978-1-845843-86-1 in the Amazon bookstore or at your local bookshop.

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