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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Keep Fido safe with a Hol Col

Going on holiday with your Dog ? or perhaps you are leaving your dog with friends or family. Ask yourself, will the information on the dogs tag enable someone to contact you or whoever is caring for your dog if it should go missing?

Remember: Your dog should be wearing visible up to date contact details at all times, in a public place.

Introducing the “hol col” the holiday collar for dogs, this is a quick disposable collar that you can actually write new contact directly onto the collar, pop it straight over the dogs normal collar & tag & away you go ! It is also the only collar in the UK known to most Dog Wardens. If your dog is wearing a hol col you are letting everyone know your dog is on holiday & in an unfamiliar environment. Anyone then finding your dog, can contact you straight away.

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Driving with your dog