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Keep your pet happy during Halloween and Bonfire night

Howto keep your pets happy, healthy and safe during Halloween, Bonfire Night andautumn

Watch our videowith Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manktelow to get clued up

With autumn hereand the summer temperatures long gone, it’s a great time to get outside withyour dog for some long and enjoyable walks through the falling leaves, ahead ofwinter.

But while many petowners love this time of year, there are also a few challenges in autumn whenit comes to making sure your pets are happy, healthy and safe.

Even though manyof us love getting outside as the weather changes, the colder days and longer nightscan mean our pets are inside more during the autumn months, getting lessexercise than they did in summer, and therefore their diets may need to changeto reflect their activity levels.

Pet owners alsoneed to consider two of the biggest events in autumn – Halloween and BonfireNight.

Many animals findfireworks very unsettling and even frightening, while Halloween can present allsorts of challenges; from dogs getting into all the sweets and chocolate lyingaround the house, to the constant door knocking and bell ringing of trick ortreaters, which can cause over-excitement in even the most placid dogs.

For advice on howto keep your pets happy in autumn, watch the video where Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manktelow give you plenty of tips.

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