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Knit a dog coat for Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose Animal Aid are looking for keen knitters to send across dog coats of all shapes and sizes to help our furry friends at animal shelters at home and abroad.

Who are Wetnose? The Norfolk-based charity is well-known for its hard work helping vulnerable animals both in the UK and overseas, and aims to raise as much money as possible for animal rescue centres. Founded by Andrea Gamby-Boulger, the organisation has backing from personalities such as animal-lover Paul O’Grady, ex-Eastenders actress Pam St Clement and Joanna Lumley OBE.

The organisation hold an annual Wetnose Day , where animal lovers are encouraged to hold their own fundraising events in order to help raise money for rescue centres across the country. The widely-supported event takes place September 26th, and is a huge boost for centres that desperately need all the funds they can get.

Helping out the little guys As Mrs Gamby-Boulger explains, Wetnose aim to help support lesser-known rescue centres that may not receive as much funding as more high-profile organisations.

“We all know who the bigger ones are but of the smaller centres involved in helping animals which need homes or help because they are sick or injured, many do not have enough funds to be a registered charity as this can cost thousands of pounds.”

What can I do? Wetnose dog coats Wetnose would love to receive as many kitted dog coats as possible – whether they be made to fit a Great Dane, a whippet or a tiny little pug. Short-haired dogs of all sizes can benefit greatly from wearing a coat during the winter months, as can elderly dogs or those with weak immune systems. If you love knitting or know someone who does, don’t hesitate to get involved today and keep a pup cosy this winter. Coats will be sent out to rescue centres in the UK and abroad, especially to countries where temperatures can plummet to minus 20.

Get inspired When it comes to knitting the perfect sweater, you could either come up with your own original design or follow one of the many patterns that can be found online. Five fabulous free patterns are available here – we love the classy cable-knit design! Don’t worry – if you’re not a dab hand with a ball of wool then you can simply send a donation across so that Wetnose can continue their hard work.

Where to send your creations Once you have knitted your jumpers, simply send them across to the Wetnose office at the following address:

Wetnose Animal Aid

Newgate Lodge


Kirby Cane


NR35 2PP

For more information about Wetnose, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @WetnoseAnimal .

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