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Packing for Pooches

Accommodation Accommodation

Every time we go away, Jem always ends up with more stuff than us. Actually, he doesn’t but, because he gets packed last to avoid him stressing he’ll be left behind, the result is that his disorganised stuff needs more room.

And then, when leaving a holiday cottage Jem adds at least 3 hours to the final tidy because I’m so paranoid that one missed dog hair will be THE ONE that makes the cottage dog-free in future.

So here’s the plan for this year.

First: use Furminator daily for a week before we leave to reduce loose hair.

Equal first: check worming schedule and worm early if necessary. Squirt on flea/tick repellent.

Start Jem’s packing very early. That way he’ll think I’m just reorganising.

Into his bag will go: 2 old sheets to protect furniture, roll of wide sticky tape to remove hair, towels in abundance for rainy days, handful of takeaway boxes+lids and roll of biodegradable nappy bags - we aspire to a Houndsac but this does OK meanwhile. Food and water and bowls. Aloe vet spray for sore paws and stings. Floaty sea ball toy, frizbee, tennis balls. Spare lead ...

Hoover up doghair in car before packing - wait a minute, there’s still no room for our stuff now!

Be prepared with a ...

Spare dog tag with mobile number/holiday address Copy of pet insurance policy and vaccination record Printout of contact details for local vets from Kennels that do day boarding, phone to check availability and terms before you go Contact number for mobile dog wash or local groomers in case of Xtreme muddy paws

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