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Pet Sitters Who Offer Their Services for Free

Pet Sitters Who Offer Their Services for Free

Holiday time can always be a difficult time, especially for pet owners. While everyone else is rushing around wondering where they “carefully hid” their passport last year, pet owners are doing that and also fretting about what to do with the dog!

If the neighbours aren’t willing, and a kennel is the last place your dog wants to spend his holidays, have come up with an alternative: leave your pet (and home) in the hands of a pet-loving house sitter. The site lists hundreds of house sitters worldwide who do just that, from writers and freelance workers to retirees, semi-permanent travellers and those who just want a different kind of holiday this year. Pet owner can post an advert for a pet sitter which will appear on the house sitting assignments page ( ) where interested sitters can apply.

Most pet owners end up with multiple responses, both from local sitters and those who are willing to travel from abroad in return for the offer of free accommodation. Pet owners can then decide who’s the best candidate based on their references, whether or not they have police background checks, and whatever other information they get from emailing back and forth. Most sitters are happy to set up a Skype conversation and those who are based locally can also arrange a face-to-face meetup.

Although some sitters do charge, in most cases no money exchanges hands.

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