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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out


Uppercrust publisher Debretts has teamed up with Knightsbridge's favourite grocer to unleash a set of rules for pet owners.

A study of the rules of Petiquette will ensure that you and your dog will never cross the class-line between 'companion' (good) and 'fur-baby' (chavvy). The polite thank you letter format for you and your dog will ensure that invitations to stay with discerning hosts will continue to grace your mantelpiece.

Petiquette is a useful social tool, and essential reading for those people whose dog has a more illustrious pedigree than their own.

Available from Harrods or by mail order from the Debretts website:'s-publications/books/petiquette.aspx

Petiquette is £8.99 (RRP), with 48 pages, softback.

Driving with your dog