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If you're looking for a gift for a new puppy, 'Life Skills for Puppies' by Helen Zulch and Daniel Mills is a delightful choice. Life Skills for Puppies is a beautifully produced book, with fabulous photos of adorable puppies, and easy to follow guidelines for helping your pup to grow up to be your new best friend.

Each section is written from the puppy perspective, helping you to see things from the pup's point of view. And the authors have included a fun checklist at the end of each chapter that will encourage all members of the family to take part in bringing up your puppy.

The Life Skills covered by the book are broken down into ten areas, and cover practical tips for implementing each skill in everyday life. Concepts of self-control and frustration tolerance are introduced; explanations of what a puppy needs for its well-being, and how to help a puppy learn to make the right choices. Further chapters provide a detailed description of teaching controlled on-lead walking, and how to help a puppy to be naturally well-behaved and not simply obedient.

The authors are both experts in veterinary behaviour, and teach at the University of Lincoln veterinary school.

You can watch a You Tube interview with Helen Zulch here:

Life Skills for Puppies by Mills and Zulch is available from bookstores and online at £12.99. The ISBN number for ordering through a bookstore is: 978-1-845844-46-2

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