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Rescue Dogs

Why are these dogs overlooked? Misconceptions about certain breeds play a large part. Staffordshire Bull Terriers often make up to 40-50% of a shelter's dogs for adoption and are also one of the most difficult breeds to rehome. Some people consider this breed, known in doggie circles as the 'nanny dog', as dangerous and will not invite them into their homes. Of course this is not true, as any dog handler or behaviourist worth their salt will tell you. It is owners that cause problems, not the breed.

Large dogs are understandably harder to rehome - not everyone has the space! So Rottweilers and German Shepherds are another common long-stay breed in rescue shelters.

Age is another factor. Potential adopters worry about poor health and vets bills. However, insurance will cover new conditions and rescue centres often cover the cost of the existing illnesses for the rest of the dog's life. Another plus is that older dogs for adoption are often less excitable, more placid and better behaved than the younger ones. I adopted my dog Dozer when he was nearly 7 and he adapted into his new life wonderfully despite spending over 5 years in kennels!

Rescue Dogs: How We Help Dog Rescue

Lastly, temperament can sometimes be an issue. Perhaps the dog is too highly strung to live with children or just too intelligent to spend 23 hours a day snoozing on a sofa. Border Collies are a typically intelligent breed who can get bored silly if not properly stimulated each and every day.

Rescue Dogs provides much needed advertising for these overlooked dogs and their shelters. The site is well placed within all search engines bringing the dogs for adoption to a much wider audience. A good selection of photos are included and a detailed write up, ensuring potential adopters have all the information they need. Rescue Dogs has been operating for under 2 years, but has already helped nearly one hundred difficult to home dogs start new lives with their families.

You can help spread the word by adding a link to Rescue Dogs from your own website, chat rooms and forums.

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