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Scrum and Fetch: 3 Scottish Rugby Players and Their Adorable Dogs

Scrum and Fetch: 3 Scottish Rugby Players and Their Adorable Dogs

When they're not charging down the rugby field or training for their next big match, Scotland's rugby stars find solace and companionship in their furry friends. Let's take a closer look at 3 Scottish rugby players who share their love for the game and their love for dogs.

Ewan Ashman and Rocky Ewan Ashman, the ferocious hooker, has a softer side when he's with his dog, Rocky. Ashman's relentless work ethic on the rugby field is balanced by the playful antics of his four-legged friend.   Ewan plays his club rugby for Edinburgh and enjoys taking Rock out for walkies around the area.

Rory Sutherland and Reggie Rory Sutherland, the burly Scottish prop, has an equally strong and lovable companion in his French Bulldog, Reggie. Reggie's protective nature is a source of comfort for Sutherland and his family.   Rory comes from Melrose and there are some fine dog walks in the area to enjoy.

Luke Crosbie and his Leonberger Luke Crosbie, a dynamic flanker known for his tenacity, finds relaxation and joy in the company of his 65kg Leonberger. Despite his on-field intensity, Crosbie's mighty hound helps him unwind and brings a smile to his face.  Luke was born in Livingston and there are plenty of dog walks to enjoy whenever he goes home.

These Scottish rugby players not only excel on the field but also find comfort, joy, and unconditional love in the company of their beloved dogs. It's heartwarming to see how their passion for rugby is matched by their love for their four-legged friends, creating a well-rounded and grounded approach to life both on and off the pitch. These dynamic duos prove that rugby and dogs are a winning combination for these Scottish stars!

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