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Super food for your best friend

After a chance meeting with Jonathan and Vicky of Darling's Real Dog Food at Crufts earlier this year, I came home with pockets stuffed full of liver treats - which Jem absolutely adored. He went insane over the biccies too ...

That was strange because although Jem's an active dog with a healthy appetite, he's not unduly bothered about food if it's not at his usual meal time. Trying to reward him for good behaviour with treats just gets a look of vague disapproval.

So there had to be something really special with the liver treats and biccies.

A week or so later, a beautifully packed box of real dog food arrived. Chicken, beef and lamb - not 'flavour' but the real deal. The deep freeze was hastily reorganised so that we didn't end up with lamb dog food moussaka (would we have noticed? I'm not sure).

Jem has now had a go at all the flavours, lamb seems to be the fave this week - and is eating with evident relish. I know this by the rolling and groaning as he cleans his post-prandial nose on the carpet.

Click on the link here to see how they make the food:

and then visit the website at:

And before you ask, no - we have no commercial links with Darling's!! It's just brilliant food :-)

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