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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

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Taking your dog to Scotland

The Scottish Outdoor Access code is different from England and Wales - make sure you know the dog rules before you start your Scottish holiday. In Scotland everyone has the right to be on most land and inland water providing they act responsibility. Your access rights and responsibilities are explained fully in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code - visit

Don't take your dog into a field where there are lambs, calves and other young animals. Dogs can worry young farm animals and cows can be aggressive when protecting their calves. For these reasons, don't take your dog into a field where there are lambs, calves or other young animals. Go into a neighbouring field or onto land next to it. In more open country, keep your dog on a short lead if there are lambs around and keep your distance from them.

Do not take your dog into a field of vegetables and fruit (unless you're on a clear path). The main risk in these fields is diseases in dog faeces being transmitted to people. If there is a clear path, such as a core path or a right of way, follow this but keep your dog to the path. In all other cases, it is best to go into a neighbouring field or onto the land next to it.

Keep your dog on a short lead or under close control in fields where there are horses and cows. Cows can be frightened by dogs and can react aggressively or panic, causing damage to themselves or the dog owner or dog. Where possible, avoid fields with cows or horses. If you have to go into a field with cows or horses, keep as far away as possible and keep your dog under close control. If the cows react aggressively and move towards you, keep calm, let the dog go, and take the shortest, safest route out of the field.

Bird breeding season

During the bird breeding season (usually April to July) keep your dog under close control in areas such as moorland, forests, grassland, loch shores and the seashore.

Driving with your dog