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TARA - the terrier who sailed around the world

Robert arrives in Colombia with a surprise for his wife, Rosemary: Tara, a Jack Russell puppy. This is the story of Tara as she finds her sea legs and copes with life on board a yacht. Along the way Tara has many adventures as a live-aboard dog, and the author includes anecdotes of her own on-shore experiences - including an up close encounter with the December 26th Tsunami.

This is one of the few books about sailing written from a female perspective and will definitely appeal to yachties with or without a dog! It's also a good practical read on what life on board is really like, and how to cope with disasters of all kinds without high drama.

An ideal gift for leisure sailors, armchair captains and Jack Russell Terrier fans everywhere.

If you're planning to cruise with your dog though, please purchase a couple of dog life jackets before you set off. Tara didn't have one and I spent most of the book wondering why not!

TARA The terrier who sailed around the world is available from Amazon or direct from the publishers, Hubble and Hattie. ISBN: 978-1-845848-80-4

There's also a website for Tara, with some lovely images of this brave little dog, and you can also order the book from there. Take a look at

And here's an interview with the authors

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