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Bark Out

What is your dog trying to tell you?

What is your dog trying to tell you? Log on to a live web TV show for expert advice from dog behaviourist Sarah Whitehead on how to decode your dog's body language and behaviour to the meanings of barking and whining.

The show is on 15th October 2013 at 12.30pm

If our beloved dogs could talk, life would be a whole lot easier for pet owners when it comes to knowing exactly what they're thinking, feeling and wanting. Most dog owners however are not fluent in the language of doggies, which means we need to be able to read complex signals, body language and behaviour to work out what's going on in their lives. From stretching, playing, biting, howling, barking, wagging their tales to being submissive with people or other dogs, our canine friends use a variety of visual and body language cues to try and communicate with us. However, most of us haven't a clue what they're on about, and that's especially a worry when it comes to animal health, so it's vital dog owners take note of any signals that dogs give, such as scratching, excessive panting or scooting along the floor.

Log on to the Web TV show where dog behaviourist Sarah Whitehead joins dog owners and dogs as part of the Drontal Show Your Dog Some Love campaign at: on 15th October at 12.30pm

If you'd like to submit questions before the show and to watch it live, here's the link:

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