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What’s your mutt made of?

What’s your mutt made of?

Try the easy to use, simple DNA test that won’t harm your dog. Get the results quickly and a Certificate of Ancestry showing all the information!

If you’ve ever wondered about the exact parentage of your Heinz Hound, a new testing kit is now available to help you trace Fido’s family.

What Breed is My Dog ? Is a simple to use kit that’s been developed by a recognized expert in canine DNA technology. Satisfying curiosity and having fun might be what draws you at first to dog breed testing, but it’s not the only reason.

· Find out the breeds that make up your lovable pooch

· Get a better understanding of your dog’s behaviour, potential health risks and personality

· Choose the right dog for your home and family

· Simple and harmless collection technique that can be done at home.

The price of the test also includes processing and postage.

After analysis, you will be mailed an Ancestry Analysis Certificate, suitable for framing. You will also receive a Behaviour, Health and Personality Summary which will give you general information related to each of the breeds found.

No trip to the vet is necessary. You can do the test at home. It’s a completely painless and easy process and full instructions are included in the kit.

The DNA collection is painless and causes no pain to your pet. The sterile, gentle polyester tipped swab minimizes any chance for infection or irritation.

Once you have collected your DNA sample, simply put the swab back in the paper sleeve, and place it, along with the Customer Information Card, in the enclosed prepaid envelope.

How long does it take to get results? Results are normally posted to you within 21 days from the receipt of the sample.

Reduced price!! The kit is currently on special offer from Pet Supermarket at £49.54 – reduced from £63.44

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