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When man meets dog – What a difference a dog makes

Have you ever wonderedwhy dogs are considered ‘man’s best friend?’ In this book, Psychologist DrChristopher Blazina explains the importance of the unique bond between men anddogs. There are widely-held beliefs that males naturally transition into astate of self-imposed seclusion and emotional detachment in adulthood. Evenrelying on another person violates the rules of being a man. When Man Meets Dogexplores how the bond with animal companions bypasses many of these barriers,helping males develop into happier, healthier men. What a difference a dog canmake!

It’s also important todiscuss the other side of attachment: loss. Again, the mixed messages menreceive lead to difficulties with managing grief. When Man Meets Dog is thefirst book to discuss men’s continuing bonds with a lost animal companion. Acontinuing bond is a new way of reconnecting and preserving the memory of thisunique connection.

When Man Meets Dog is amemoir with a purpose. Chris shares his very personal story of how two shelterdogs not only changed the direction of his life, but also how he defines whatit means to be a man.

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Book details

HH4879 • Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • £8.99 • 160 pages • pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845848-79-8 • UPC: 6-36847-04879-2

Price: £8.99, $13.99

Abut the Author

Dr Chris Blazina is a psychologist, professor, and author. Specialising in men’s psychology, Dr Blazina is now applying that knowledge to an in-depth understanding of ‘man’s best friend.’ He has written three books focused on the psychology of men, and two additional books guiding researchers and clinicians about the importance of animal companions in our lives. Dr Blazina has been a guest on numerous radio programs across the United States and Canada, ranging from National Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Company, to Sirius XM. He has been quoted in popular magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health, and in newspapers, such as the Huffington Post.

His latest book, When Man Meets Dog, is a memoir with a purpose, explaining the meaning of the human-animal bond from a male perspective. This includes sharing his own story about how two shelter dogs not only changed the trajectory of his own life, but how he redefines what it means to be a man in our society.

Key points about this exciting book:

• The first book toexplain the human/canine bond from the male perspective

• Explores the uniquechallenges men face in making and sustaining connections

• How canine companionscircumvent connection barriers common in other relationships

• The messages malesreceive about being a man have direct implications for dealing with a range ofpotential changes and losses

• Canine companions canbe a unique source of comfort to men working through changes and losses

• Understand the uniqueways men face grief and loss

• Discover how men forma ‘continuing bond’ with an animal companion; a new way to connect and preservethe importance of the bond

• Learn about thevarying ways men form continuing bonds with animal companions

• A memoir with a purpose– enables readers to personally experience the bond through the eyes of theauthor, from his own experinece

• Written in aconversational way while also drawing from the latest research about thepositive impact of animal companions in men’s lives


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