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Winter Driving

Snow and ice are not very nice. A little time can make winter driving easier

Winter can be a busy time for everybody. Whether working, at school or on holiday, there’s so much to remember. But whatever occupies your time this winter, don’t get caught out when driving in severe weather. Don’t just drive, prepare.

Putting aside ten minutes to plan your journey before you set off could make all the difference. Check your planned route at where you can find up-to-date traffic information. You should also check your vehicle is ready for the drive by checking the condition of your tyres as well as making sure your windscreen and lights are clean. For more tips on essential vehicle checks before setting out this winter visit Highways Agency - Make Time for Winter Driving this Season

As you pack your gifts, for a long journey to visit relatives perhaps, you should pack your emergency kit in your car. This simple array of everyday household items could be your salvation if you get caught out by adverse weather conditions on the journey. You only need to pack it once at the beginning of the season leaving you with one less thing to worry about this winter.

For more advice when venturing out in severe weather, take a look at the Highways Agency website. There are practical tips on driving in all weather conditions as well a list of winter emergency kit items. You can even find out how to download our free iphone app for regular traffic updates o n your route.

So whenever you plan to drive this season, make time for winter. Visit

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