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Your psychology: how much are you and your dog alike?

Have you ever wondered how much you and your dog are alike? A new book by psychologist Gill Garratt explores how dog owners' emotional states can impact on their dogs.

Just how successful the bond between us and our dogs is depends on the dog's ability to 'read' us and our moods. So the more we understand about our own behaviour, the better we can influence our dogs' responses.

The anxieties of a dog owner can be reflected in their dog's behaviour, and the same is true of a calm, even-tempered owner. Sometimes we encounter difficulties in life, work and relationships; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can help reduce the emotional impact of these struggles on ourselves, and, in turn, our relationship with our dogs.

A dog may be man's best friend, but first we need to be our own best friend. 'Your Dog and You' will show you how.

Like all Hubble & Hattie books, Your Dog and You is beautifully illustrated with colour photos (by Tom Walters) and makes an ideal gift for all dog owners.

Full details of this fascinating book can be found on the publisher's website: Hubble and Hattie

The ISBN number is: 978-1-845847-38-8

Your Dog and You has 96 pages and 85 pictures, and costs £12.99. Now available from Amazon.

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