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A9 40/41 Salses le Chateau dog walk, France


Wow - this is a complete treat, and you don't even need to leave the motorway to get there!

This is where the border between France and Spain used to be, and the Salses-de-Chateau was built here by the Spanish in the late 1400s. They used the latest military building techniques to create a ground-hugging fortress that would have been tricky for the French to get in artillery range - and also explains why it's so easy to miss seeing this from the road!


You can extend a visit to the castle with a ticket and tour for the inside.  

And if a spot of wine tasting/buying appeals, then all you need do is to walk past the castle entrance onto a village road, go under a bridge and turn left at the sign to find the local wine cooperative.

Good for caravans.

How to get there

Just pull into the signed Aire de repos 'Chateau de Salses' between junctions 40 and 41.


The footpath to the fortress is marked from both sides of the pull-in, with a pedestrian subway to get you from the eastbound side safely.  

The path is easy, just follow the line of sight to the fortress and then circle around the contours of the wall. On the way there you'll walk through pine trees, and there's plenty of open space for dogs.

The fortress itself is completely unfenced and generally quiet and peaceful.

Member Reviews

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Report review ullak - Driving with Dogs


Green 75 Points
09 July 2023

Surprise stop

This was a surprisingly pleasing stop on the motorway. Lovely walk through the mediterean gardens with olive and fir trees to give the dog a nice run.

Report review BenLanny - Driving with Dogs


Green 20 Points
05 October 2022

Not bad for an Aire

A nice walk to the fort from either side of the motorway (A9). Clearly laid out and plenty of space for Leia to nose around. Nice walk round the fort which is impressive. We didn't have time to go in. Toilets at the Aire better than average for Da Vinci who run them, but be warned, only the disabled toilet had paper

Dog poop seems to be left to dry in the sun round here!

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