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Ashton Court Estate dog walk, Somerset


Wonderful woodland and meadow walks.


GPS coords for car park: 51.4448, -2.6366  WC+disabled. The lady in the cafe lets dogs in and she puts a waterbowl out as well. It is a bit basic and there is a plan I think to upgrade the facilities there at some point. There is a poo bin at the car park.


The area near the café is the nicest part of the estate to walk dogs in from our perspective. Meadowland, ancient woods, car free, safe. The most danger is being hit by the odd golfball. Not too muddy, unless you go in the woods of course! The meadows are left uncut until August, so wonderful long grass and wildflowers to play hide and seek in.

This dog walk has been sent in by Brian John Kent - thank you!

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