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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 19th August 2019

Bickerton Hill dog walk, Cheshire


Find traces of life in pre-Roman Britain, enjoy the easy walking on sandstone paths, and there's plenty of romping space for dogs to have a brilliant time here.


No litter bins, so please take all your rubbish away with you - including dog poo. Free parking. The car park is not signed, so you need a bit of a leap of faith - the turn is by a pond opposite a bungalow next to Pool Farm. You should see the National Trust sign by a gate at the start of the track.


You'll see a number of paths and this is a fabulous place to explore. Every visit looks different, and if you have children with you it's one of those places to inspire the imagination. As a starter route, turn right out of the car park and then go left and to the Maiden Castle. You can still see the earthworks of this early fortress, and get a view of the Welsh mountains too. 'Mai Dun' translates from an early language as the 'Castle of the Great Hill' - has it shrunk a bit? Anyway, the dog will love it and a roam around the fort and the paths around will be just over a mile/20-30 minutes of loveliness.

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